My life experiences : as a surgeon ,doctor ,father ,citizen and common man.

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  • 87 and kicking
    87 is an age that anyone would claim “that’s a long time” Met this guy with a cancer in his large intestines and enthusiastically coming to the operation theatre to get…More
  • Believe ……….
    Smile that shines more than a star Unique voice that completes my soul I know wherever you are :near or far With your innocence ;it’s my heart you stole ….. ………More
  • Chubby thighs
    Cancers come in all shapes and sizes .Locations of these cancers can differ and unpredictability is one of their not so charming characteristics. A young lady in her late 20s came…More
  • Writer doc
  • Cancer above god …..
    We all have our beliefs ,faiths .Some do follow the philosophy or the directives to the word .But things like cancer still affects the best of people ;best in the moral…More
  • The man who said never …
    In the current day and age ,we as individuals enjoy our rights and practice them whenever we know about their existence.One such religiously adhered right would be the right to consent…More

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